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Book talk! I love to read. This category contains discussion about what I’m reading. I also post my own original poetry under this category. All poetry and short stories on this site are my own original work. Please be nice and don’t copy without asking! I’d be thrilled if you thought it was good enough to copy and share, but I’d still like the credit.

The most dangerous weapon

Designed with intention
Created by will
Repeated with lips
Devoured by hearts

Intent on pain
Withheld on whims
Wielded by guilt
Shielded by hearts

Disguised by candor
Discovered by hurt
Uncovered by fear
Covered in agony

Devoted to precision
Sincere in aspiration
Shaped to censure
Twisted for torture

Conceived by protection
Deceived by objective
Reiterated by force
Engulfed in perception

Words are weapons;
Hiding in plain sight