Join the revolution!

Okay, so it’s not much of a revolution.

I’ve spent much of my life grooming my very politically correct public image so virtual me has a much wider range of emotions, ideas and irritations.  I’m trying hard to be a rebel and I figure if I can find others who have similar ideas, maybe we could start a perception revolution.

Fingerprints on the Fridge is a place to dump all the craziness in my head.  I see this as a one-on-one relationship, with you, the reader. So who knows what I’ll go on about.  And I do go on!  I’m not sure whether to apologize for my word counts  and how often I post, or be proud…I’ll let you decide.

What I hope you take from here is either a new perspective or the contentedness of knowing you have a kindred spirit.

I know that not everyone who passes through here will agree with me and that’s okay.  I encourage discussion and debate!  I want to hear other people’s perspectives!



Tell me whatcha think....

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