How do the jerks do it?

I wish I were a more spiteful person. Or at least more like the people who seem to gravitate to me like I was a shit magnet.  Why can’t I be a jerk too?  Craziness!  Like the forces of good wishing they could be the forces of evil…hehehe…yep, I’m the forces of good!

I’m pretty well read and I admit, I don’t think I’ve ever come across that theme!  Maybe that’s the thematic basis for my great Canadian novel!

But it’s true.  Some of us are motivated that much more by external pressure and, therefore, I wish I could make promises and commitments I won’t keep, tell other’s when they piss me off without filtering the message on delivery, hurt other’s feelings without a second thought, take action without worrying about consequence.  In short, I wish I didn’t care about my impact on the world; only on myself and my immediate family.  But I do. Continue reading How do the jerks do it?