My Circus

“There’s only two types of people in the world…. the ones that entertain….and the ones that observe….”   (Britney Spears, Circus)

I’m actually not a Britney fan, particulary, but that line really struck me from the first time I heard  it.  Very similar to Shakespeare’s famous:

“All the world’s a stage, the men and women are merely players”

But every play needs an audience.
That’s how I see/feel/experience blogging.  This has recently become a real passion of mine.  I love putting my thoughts out there….just out there… and if someone else appreciates what I’m thinking or saying, they often let me know!  That is really cool.
Like Britney, I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl and my life is a circus.
Despite being a compulsive perfectionist (I’ve learned to be choosy about what to need perfect), I live a relatively normal new millennium family life:  I am a mother, a wife, an executive, an entrepreneur, a student, a community servant, a friend, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a team manager, a Sparks leader, an environmentalist, a blogger, and Danielle.
Like most women today, I am many things to many people.  What I have often left out for myself is the last one…Danielle.  I, like many women today, have far too much going on and no intention of changing it!
I often gripe about women I know who are taking time to do things for themselves like….bathe regularly!  I’m kidding.  Like mani-pedi’s and wine get-togethers with the girls – I make sullen remarks about them being spoiled; really it’s just jealousy they find the time to add those to their lives!
I write a blog about creativity for kids and inspiring imagination through creative play every day.  I do this because creativity has been a lifelong passion.  I’ve always been creative and I really believe the skills I learned helped make me the person I am today – and I believe I can say I’m a successful person without being ego maniacal.
I have an incredible family who support me in all my crazy adventures, I have a great career that pays my bills, a beautiful home that fits our family, everything we need and some things we want:  who could ask for more?
One thing about me that is belied by the banter above is my sarcastic, dry ranting about anything and everything that irks me.  The word “soapbox” is often used at family gatherings because I come by this quite naturally.
Frankly, that’s what this blog is about.  Ramblings, rantings, and diatribe about life and its happenings.  Could be a current event, government, politics in general, family, smoking, annoying kids in restaurants whose parents really need to get a handle on them….whew!  Almost started there.  I’ll save that one for another time though.
Many of my posts will be unedited for content (but spelling will hopefully be gr8).  If it ever gets too mature, I promise to put the adult content warning on.  I do blog with integrity though.  I will not attack a person, only an idea.  I will not steal other people’s thoughts/ideas and call them my own – I will give credit where credit is due.
This is my promise to you.