This is called infatuation, Danielle.  Don’t confuse it; enjoy it.

This awesome, roller coaster ride of thrills you’re experiencing will eventually settle down.  It will start to level out.  And once it does, that’s when you start analyzing and decide your next move.

You may be one of those who see an exit sign and make a run to get in line at the next roller coaster of infatuation. And that’s okay!  There are tons of rides out there and it’s about time you enjoyed the amusement park of life.

Or you may be one of those who enjoyed the loops and turns happily hits the straight track, eager to see where it takes you; how much longer this ride can hold your interest.  And that’s okay too.

But infatuation isn’t love.  Cherish this for what it is and don’t try to rush it into something it may never be.