The Big Reveal!

So, if you’ve been playing along with me, it’s time for the Big Reveal!

I really enjoyed this game and I think I may play on New Year’s Eve with the company we’ll likely have.  I’m a little sad I didn’t get more guesses, but I’m not really sure what I was expecting… It was still my most popular post so far, so that’s got to count for something, right?!

Thanks to everyone who guessed here and on my FB page.  I hope you try this too and please either pingback to me or send me a link to it, so I can play.  (yeah, yeah, I know that sounds pathetic:  please invite me to your party!)

So, I was a little cheeky with my stories.  Even my lie has a grain of truth within it.  I stole that part of the idea from yet another favourite blogger, who twisted the game by telling 5 lies and one truth, but each of her lies were based on the truth.  Now, she can get away with that cause she’s had a life full of intrigue and amazingly interesting experiences to draw from that I just don’t have!

To recap the stories you had to select the lie from:

  1. I lived in my car for about 3 weeks in my early 20’s
  2. I played hooky and was found later by the police in a haunted house and brought home.
  3. My brothers and I spent a rainy Saturday in our basement with friends reading dad’s extensive collection of girly mags when I was 9.
  4. My uncle is currently undergoing treatment to become my aunt.
  5. I had my first cigarette and beer at 4 years old.
  6. When I was 16, my mother tried to have me committed and they wouldn’t take me.

The Truth:

1.  I lived in my car:  Totally true!  I don’t remember why I wasn’t able to stay at the women’s shelter in Woodstock anymore – they kinda kicked me out after 24 hours, but memories are fuzzy from that period, so maybe they didn’t understand I had literally nowhere else to go??  I moved out of my car and into a Phase II safehouse about 3 weeks later!

6.  When I was 16 my mother tried  to have me committed and they wouldn’t take me!:  Totally true!  I went off the rails crazy around then.  It may have had something to do with other stuff going on around then she didn’t know anything about and still doesn’t.  It may have been the friend killed by a drunk driver or the other two friends who comitted suicide within 3 months of Julie being killed…who knows?  What I do know is that everything going on totally messed me up.  I even tried to quit school, but they wouldn’t let me.

5.   I had my first beer and cigarette at 4 years old:  Totally…..true!  Sorry to everyone who’s worried about my overall health.  Yes, it did give me a taste for smoking, but no, it did not turn me into an alcoholic!  But it was my alcoholic father (birth, not step dad) who handed me a beer and lit me a smoke.  He thought it was pretty funny!  So funny, it’s one of my earliest memories of him.  I do remember being happy to see him so happy so I kept doing it becuase it made him laugh.  Is there a smiley you can insert here that’s kind of a rueful smile?

3.  My uncle is currently undergoing treatment to become my aunt:  This is also totally true.  My uncle grew up in a time and place where a man was A MAN.  But he wasn’t and he didn’t understand and it made him miserable.  Because she removed herself from the family after she announced herself, I never got to support her.  I understand why, but am sad.  Her entire family disowned her, except us.   I thought of writing a post on trans gender issues, but what right have I??  None.

Moving on…  So, there are only two stories left!  Which one is the lie?  Playing hooky or reading dirty mags?  I’m pulling the same stunt and drawing it out!



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