5 Truths and a Lie

Okay, I’ve just got to jump on this bandwagon that Aussa started because reading everyone else’s is too much fun.  Oh wait, Aussa said she stole the idea from someone who may have taken it from yet another.  Well, whoever started this:  What a fun game!

So, the game is 5 Truths and a Lie.  I’m going to tell you 6 things about myself you didn’t know.  Five of them will be total, honest truths.  The sixth will be a lie.  But the game is that you have to guess which one it is!  I’ll do my best to be original, but it appears that many of the people I follow have had life experiences entirely too similar to mine so if they border on duplication, what can I say?!

The Stories:

1.     I lived in my uninsured car  (a 1976 Chevy Nova, Mustard Gold) for about 3 weeks in my early 20’s.  I kept it parked and hidden on a dead end lane so I wouldn’t get caught by the police.nova

2.    I skipped school the very first time in Grade 2 and was brought home by the police after an extensive search of our neighbourhood found me hiding out in the haunted house beside our apartment building.   The house has since been renovated and is now a fine dining restaurant.

Photo credit:  Mississauga.ca
Photo credit: Mississauga.ca

3.     When I was about 9 or 10, my brothers and I invited neighbourhood kids to spend a rainy day in our basement flipping through my dad’s extensive collection of pornographic magazines.  He had an incredible assortment of Hustler, Playboy and Penthouse.  (oh and btw, key learning:  unless you like excessive nudity…don’t google “images of playboy”!!)

Creative Commons License image
Creative Commons License image  Source:  Wikimedia.org

4.     My uncle is currently undergoing treatment to become my aunt.

Creative Commons License Image source: Wikimedia.org
Creative Commons License Image source: Wikimedia.org

5.     I had my first cigarette and beer  at 4 years old.

Image Source:  a-place-to-stand.blogspot.com
Image Source: a-place-to-stand.blogspot.com

6.     When I was 16, my mother tried to have me committed to a mental institution.  They wouldn’t take me.   crazy teenager

Okay, which one is the lie?  🙂


7 thoughts on “5 Truths and a Lie”

    1. Interesting logic! I’m going to wait until the US holidays are over to provide the outcome. I figure everyone will be busy attending parades, eating, shopping, watching football and so on! (Damn! Americans do know how to celebrate a thing, don’t they?!)

  1. Oh my gosh, such good things to pick from!!!
    I was leaning towards #2 at first but I really REALLY don’t want to believe that you smoked a cigarette when you were 4 years old!!! But who knows…. AGH! Okay… Yep I’m going to stick with #2 and just feel sad for your child self…

    1. Now you know how your readers felt with your truths!! 🙂 I loved the controversy yours kicked up so I had to try to get my best/worst tales to put in there. I’ve had a stranger life than I like to let on. 🙂

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