Interview with a Character

I hit a bit of a stumbling block in my writing yesterday and today.  I don’t know if it was the other things going on in my life overtaking my focus and halting me from being able to enter this fictional world I’ve created or what, but I just couldn’t get there. 

So, to spark myself back on the writing track, I decided to interview the antagonist in my story!  

Kevin Blunt is the abusive husband who had never laid a hand on his wife before they married.  What would cause such a turnaround I asked myself?  Were there signs there before the wedding that may have indicated he was this “type” but had never had cause to show it?  And what is making him so mean, so violent?  His attacks are brutal and vicious.  He beats her in a way that is utterly inhuman.

In the end, I wrote down my “interview” with my character and will use it in some way as part of my story.  I’m currently in the process of figuring that part out.  I think I could possibly insert it as a transcript from a prior therapist to be be used as evidence to show his state of mind and also to show the history of violence when the climactic shooting will happen in a few chapters.  I’m still deciding whether the situation will come to be attempted murder and his suicide or simply the attempted murder of Tara.

In any case, the interview surprised me.  I learned a lot about a character I thought I had fully defined.  I realize now I considered his character but not his motivation.  Now, I’m thinking of motivation.  And not just his, but Tara’s.

What makes her stay?  I may interview her next!  If you’d like to check out the “interview”, I will be posting it next.


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