No fair, she took my idea!

Today I was as excited to write my daily NaBloPoMo post as I was to write my daily quota for my NaNovel.  I had written a moving post about “writing what you know” when I happened across a really funny post on DarkStarBurning about this very idea.  Suddenly, a dark little entry about my personal experience with domestic violence had no legs.

After reading her incredibly witty tampon metaphors about the strangers you meet that become fodder for your own creative writing, I immediately abandoned mine, believing I could never do justice to this topic as she had already done.  I wasn’t happy for her at all that she had written such a delightful post (I don’t even think I “liked” it and it was great!)

In fact, I was furious jealous so miserable about her success with my idea, I had an epic tamper tantrum and stomped my feet in the hallway:

No fair, she took my idea!

(to which the MIA perked up her brow scornfully; just another example of my personal nuttiness this visit in her eyes, I’m sure)

So, instead, I find myself at a total loss for what to post today that is not the latest 2 thousand word update on my novel!  When I added this challenge to my repertoire, I thought it was a cinch.  Ha!  Now, I’ve all but deleted what I had written about using personal experience to improve the texture of my writing and am left with nothing.

I suppose I could bore you with tales of my so-called life (no, not the movie).  We’ve had a heck of a time the past 10 days trying to delouse the lice infestation my daughter and her girlfriends brought home – that was fun, but surely not blogworthy.

I could tell you about the ‘fantastic’ visit from the MIA (my mother-in-law) who arrived the Friday before my competition and is STILL HERE 10 days later!  But as much as we love her and her visits promise hours of knee-slappin’ entertainment, I can’t seem to pull any of it forward to tell you about.

I once drafted a post on the most overused words in the English language (literally, epic, awesome, seriously, exactly, love, whatever, totally, like, promise, empathy) that I could maybe pull out the paddles for, I guess, but I am literally unable to focus on the idea or really, any idea!

I even scrolled through recent Daily Prompts to see if I could make something from nothing – not even the Dear Abbey (who I read religiously as a kid) idea sparked anything in me, though it was the closest of all the possible fits.

I’ve been so totally obsessed with this NaNoNSense for what seems like forever, and I’ve become quite the dull girl in the process!  I am in constant draft mode, plotting the next scene, manufacturing the choreography of the dialogue, designing metaphors and similes in the hope I can fit them (or force them) into the story … It is consuming my every waking thought!  Heck, I’ve got over 11 Thousand words on Day 4…that’s like totally obsessive, right?

Help!  Is this normal?


16 thoughts on “No fair, she took my idea!”

  1. Are you doing both NaBloPoMo and writing a novel? Word count? I’ll agree, you are a little obsessed 😉 But,, I believe you still fall in the range of normal – for a writer and a blogger, that is.

    Ah, I am always a little jealous when someone is wittier, funnier, smarter, has better metaphors, etc., and I use a lot of poetry prompts, so I am joining in with people who are all using the same idea. I do it on purpose, so no foot stomping over here.

    I like the idea of posting your blog title. You are the second blogger I visited that did that. Something to think about.

    1. Whew! At least it’s the range of normal!

      Also, I linked with my site name on the first day, but realized that may not encourage anyone to check it out, so I changed it up a little this time. Plus, with such a childish title for this post, I hoped it was the type that would get some notice. 🙂

    1. It’s not the first time it has happened (clearly great minds develop similar great ideas), but I’ve had lots else to say before, so it didn’t matter.
      Maybe once I’m not feeling so “bitter” about being original-idea-less I will rewrite! 🙂

  2. Weird that I just read this. This is the first time I’ve signed up for the nablopomo – and I’m already at the point you mentioned. I feel like I’m in a persistent planning pose. I wonder if there’s a cure…

  3. So do you know this person in real life? When it comes down for someone trying to steal your idea, my suggestion – is to be private about your ideas and your announcements. Write what you’re ideas are going to be about, then post it and be sure everyone reads it first before someone else takes credit for your idea post.

    Be spontaneous about what you’re going to post next. I know you have a lot of great ideas and I look forward into reading on what your going to say next.

    1. Sorry, Charlie, no!! I was just being cheeky, she just posted first. No actual theft. Just great minds and fools and all. So sorry, I meant to be cute. 🙂 When I read her humorous take, mine seemed lousy by comparison. So sweet of you to take this opp to compliment me though. I’ll take the confidence booster!

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