The Right Stuff

“Whether you think you can ….or whether you think you cannot….you are right”

Henry Ford


Today’s NaBloPoMo inspiration is about perseverance and attitude.  That it is as much the attitude you take into a task as the effort you put into the accomplishment of it.

I’ve long held with this Henry Ford sentiment as part of my inner self.  I incorporate it into my self-talk as I prepare to take on new challenges.  To me, they are more than famous words by a great man.  They are a message of success that any person can adopt.  I try to impart their wisdom to my children, to my friends, my family.

I’m sharing this in honour of all my fellow NaNo’s who may come up against the “I can’t do this” obstacle some time this month.

Remember:  Yes you can!  if you only believe it.


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