Today’s silver lining: I’m 10% done!

I’m not sure if this is easier than I thought or harder than I thought.  NaNoWriMo, that is.

I’m a number-oriented person so looking at this with a mathematician’s eye gives me some confidence.  It is Day 2 of 30, so we are 7% of the way into the challenge and I am already 10% done!  That means I’m outpacing the necessary speed in order to complete the challenge if I can maintain my current momentum.  With that kind of results, this has been easier than I thought.

Then, of course today I stumbled across yet another writing challenge:  NaBloPoMo and have to add it to my mix!  Since I post daily anyway, I’m hoping this won’t be too tough challenge to add, cause it sure would be great to win an iPad mini from BlogHer.

Ah, but once we get into the month, will I slow down?  Will I run out of ideas?  Will that sliding scale of effort take over me as we move closer to the deadline?  Will I become lulled by a false sense of security that I’m ahead of the game anyway, so what’s a day off here…..there….then discover with only 3 days left that I’m only halfway there?!


Instead of listening to Doubting Danielle, I’m following the advice I read leading up to November and creating a personal behaviour pattern of time and space when I will force myself to sit and work on my novel.  I’ve been establishing the routine while drafting my outline, characters and a few bullets.  It’s working well and my kids are seeing me keep my commitment which is a good thing. But then, today is only Day 2, isn’t it?!  And there’s the other shoe.  Being a role model in such a vividly observable way is nerve wracking.  I feel as beholden to them as I do myself.  When I wanted to sit away from my computer for a 30 minute break yesterday, I felt like I was letting them down and forced myself back.  I wish I remembered what I wrote right after I guilted forced myself back to work so I could see if there was any difference in the quality of the writing.  That would be an interesting discovery.

But I’m looking for the triumphs every day, so my silver lining today as the doubt [already?] creeps up on me is:  I’ve written 5, 269 words in two days – and I feel like I could keep going!

I don’t know if anyone else would find what I’ve written readable, but at least it’s out of me.  I believed in the beginning that it would be hard to hit 1,667 words a day, but now, as I’m writing and have started Chapter 3, I’m saying:  ‘shoot, this is gonna be way more than 50K!  I hope it won’t be boring’.  So, something new to worry about!

I’m still establishing my characters in this stage in the storytelling.  Should I be worried that I’m still characterizing at the end of chapter 2?  I’m intentionally not drawing a lot of reference to the setting.  I don’t want ‘where’ to over ride ‘what’, ‘who’ and ‘why’.  So I’m being vague, trying to set the scene more from the sense of the protagonist’s emotions and the way she is responding to her environment and interactions.  I hope it’s working in writing the way it is in my head.

I’m scared to death to hear your feedback, but also eager so lemme have it!  And….thanks. 🙂                                                         Danielle


6 thoughts on “Today’s silver lining: I’m 10% done!”

  1. Go you! I have so many friends who do NaNoWriMo, and I admire them so! I will add you to the list of my admiration. I am feeling a little insane just doing NaBloPoMo, and my post today was lame.

    Good luck with both challenges! 🙂

    1. Awesome! Thanks, Ashley and wishing your a wellspring of creativity to achieve your goal too. Honestly, it has taken me almost 20 years to finally sit down and start writing this. It’s never too late. 🙂

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