Strategies of an almost-winner

Danielle (left) at the Event with library sponsor (right)
Danielle (left) at the Event with library sponsor (right)

Okay, so with my new outlook on life, I have to focus on the triumph of last night and not the bitter defeat.

I was eliminated third.  Boohoo.  And had I been better at the strategic aspect of this survivor for books, I believe I could have won cause I was on fire!  I made the mistake of not understanding the voting rules – the eliminated defenders still got to vote each round!  Darn my deviously, broken alliance with Lives of Girls and Women!  We got Perdita (the hometown favourite) out of the game first round together!

Ah, but when I helped to kick her out in Round 2, I sealed my fate!  She attacked Omens with a renewed vigour, previously not exposed in her acerbic criticism of the other novels.

Suddenly, Perdita and Lives ganged up on Omens and as I had to make arguments against ONE of the three remaining books, I knew I was turning them against me in the vote – so the three needed to eliminate me!  Well, shoot.  Well played, Crow Lake, well played!  I’m sure she had allied with Lives during dinner and played me like a fiddle.  Darn, I’m a trusting sucker.  🙂

Crow Lake took both awards last night, including my beloved People’s Choice.  I lost by a mere 5 votes.  I like to tell myself it was the busload of supporters that library brought, stuffing the ballot box, but I know that’s just sour grapes talking and I’m ignoring it.  

I had such a fun evening winning doesn’t matter in the end, as I had feared it would.  Not winning is a bummer, sure, but it didn’t ruin it for me.  My ballot box was met with overwhelming praise and recognition for its artistic integrity and craftsmanship (enough so, I was blushing madly) and I gained some incredible insights about myself.  Strong Danielle made a brief appearance and I gloried in her presence and personal confidence.  If I go by the feedback, I did extremely well and I am so proud of myself for that.

Look for the triumphs, folks, and have a great Sunday!

Omens Ballot Box by Danielle
Omens Ballot Box by Danielle

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