The Competition is Here!

People’s Choice Award – the themed ballot box I made (paper mache).

So, the day has finally arrived; tonight is my big event – The Competition!

It’s been eight days since I first told you about the nervous energy building up inside me in anticipation of winning  competing against some pretty impressive folks for Best Read in this literary survivor tonight.  My fellow defenders include a national journalist and dance critic, a regional journalist and television host, an editor/journalist, a city Treasurer, and…….me.

I’m a “nobody”.  Really.   I guess the Treasurer kinda is too, except she was Moderator of the event last year… How did I get asked??  No celebrity status.  Just an avid patron of our local library and devourer of books. Here I am.

I’ve been nervous about how I will measure up to these notable people.  What will people think?  Will they care that I’m really just an avid reader with an opinion?  WIll they take me seriously?  WIll my “nobody” status fluster me and get me kicked out of the game early? Will it affect my chances in the People’s Choice balloting? Ugh. These little ear worms have been wiggling their way into my stream of consciousness and making me Crazy!

Today, I’ve got to tune out those ear worms in favour of my personal revelations and journey that tells me when I stand on that stage, introducing myself to the 500+ people in the audience, I will know I am introducing a Blogger and [aspiring] Writer!  I like that.

Look for the triumphs, folks, and have an awesome night.  (Maybe even wish me luck!?!)


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