The Competition – a review of Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland

#4-Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland
#4-Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland

The Book:

Yes!  So enjoyed this one.  I would definitely put this on my bookshelf, though this is the ONLY one of the five the publisher couldn’t get me a copy of to keep.. figures…. is that irony or kharma that it was also the only I would have wanted to keep on my bookshelf?! (besides my book choice, of course!).

Here is a book I can review and tell you, honestly, win or lose my competition, I would highly recommend this great Canadian read.  After all, they tell me the point of the debate is not to win, but to interest other’s in picking up a book… 😉

Funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking.  I laughed out loud, I stomped, I cried.  THAT is a great read.

A plump, average (or below average if you believe her!) woman of independent means whose life is a lesson in monotony and self-effacement, suddenly gets a call that turns her life upside down and takes her on an adventure heretofore uncharacteristic of her existence.  Written by Douglas Coupland, a man, I admit I went into it fully expecting this woman to be poorly done – but she is so well written!  She is rich in characterization and personal insight.  An unlikely heroine who captured my heart.

“Of course, we’re born alone, and when we die, we join every living thing that’s ever existed – and ever will.  When I’m dead I won’t be lonely any more – I’ll be joining a  big party.  Sometimes at the office, when the phones aren’t ringing, and when I’ve completed my daily paperwork, and when The Dwarf to Whom I Report is still out for lunch, I sit in my chest high sage green cubicle and take comfort in knowing that since I don’t remember where I was before I was born, why should I be worried about where I go after I die?

Excerpt, page 4

How can you not adore this character?  Granted, this was a light and quick read; the lowest page count of the five; yet it managed to be one of the meatiest in content and appeal.  I enjoyed the time I spent with this book and was disappointed there wasn’t more.

The Competition:

Okay, liked it or not, it has to go!  I can’t win if this one does, so when it’s me against her up there, I’ll be putting this book down, down, down!   (With much respect, though, cause it was a good book!)


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