I’m doing it!

That’s right.  I am taking the challenge, the risk, the commitment, the highs, the lows, the pride, the defeat, the everything.  I’m going to write 50,000 words in a month:  my first novel.  Honestly, I have to restrain myself with too many words per post as it is.  This shouldn’t be too, too hard…right? (eek!)

NaNoWriMo.  Thank you Cristian Mihai for turning me on to the National Novel Writing Month organization.  I was inspired by Cristian’s recent post.  

His message as a novelist: it’s a big time commitment to write that many words, but in the end if you don’t, don’t sweat it:

“because no one’s going to behead you in your sleep on the 1st of December if you do not meet your goal, there’s no real pressure. Tell yourself that, over and over again: there’s no pressure, no panic, no stress.”

So why not?  I’ve always wanted to write a novel. I’ve certainly got the time and lots of crazy going on in my head.  Who knows what creative genius nonsense results I can achieve!?

This will be a great experience.  Yay!


8 thoughts on “I’m doing it!”

  1. Go for it! It’s a real experience that makes you push yourself to the next level. You will enjoy the experience… and… you will hate it. But in the end you will have lots and lots of fun doing it!

    1. I definitely plan to maximize my potential and push myself to the next level….and I expect to hate it at times 🙂 My biggest fear is giving up!

      Can’t wait to get my copy of Ranger Martin! You’ve got a great review over on Trip Through My Mind and that was the convincer for me. Congrats on publishing your first!

      1. Good luck on your challenge. We are all here to support you through the month. When you feel like giving up, we will be here to help you.

        Thanks on the comment on the review. The Ranger Martin book was a good read and I hope the review showed how much of a gem it is.

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