Holy Crap – I just realized I have only eight days left to prepare for my literary debate and now I’m suddenly in a panic!  8 days?!?!  Where did the time go?  Time to start a countdown!  After all, you can’t really get into full blown panic mode until you start a countdown, right?

In July, I was asked to represent our local library in a literary debate for our region.  The GB Reads debate is similar to the Canada Reads debate.  Five “local celebrities” debate the merits of five Canadian novels in a winner-takes-all-survival-of-the-fittest contest.  Seriously:  Survivor for books.

When I was asked, I didn’t consider beyond the honour of being asked or reading five novels.  Despite my anxiety, I have no stress at all about standing in front of an auditorium of strangers and speaking, so that aspect was never a concern for me (weird, I know).  However, now that the concept of “winning” has hit me, I’m panicking about doing a great job.  Sorry, but a “good enough” job is never “good enough” for me.  And, if you don’t “win”….well, you lose.  And I hate losing!

I have read all five books, made notes about their merits (or lack thereof, Alice Munro!  Lives of Girls and Women.  Ugh.  Terrible book, by the way).  I’ve got my mini post-its marking passages supporting my arguments throughout and I have even found my favourite passage to read to the audience, I have considered my responses to the moderator’s potential questions…and yet, I feel completely unprepared!

I hate going into any situation blind.  I’ve never attended this event before so I have no concept what to expect.  To be prepared, I have a need to understand what to expect.  Sadly, in this situation, my “sponsor” at the library isn’t quite on the same page, being a more go-with-the-flow kinda gal and today was the first time we’ve connected to discuss what to expect…. and I apparently completely forgot I have to create a themed ballot box for the People’s Choice Award ballots – shit!    I believe this is the root of my little panic.

Easy to defend a truly great author and a fabulous read.
Easy to defend a truly great author and a fabulous read.

Fortunately, I am so confident in my book (Omens, by Kelley Armstrong) and so inspired by the imagery and recurring themes, my concept was an easy one to come up with.  I’ve even whipped up a sketch, but now it will be finding the materials and constructing it.  Picture, if you will, a putrid, dead tree with 8 crazed crows perched upon it, staring you down with their beady, little, black eyes.  Thank goodness it’s Hallowe’en and the dollar stores will be full of ugly, black birds!  That should save me some time….not having to paper maché eight ugly little birds….whew, okay….feeling a little better….

So 8 days, huh?  8 days and counting.  Yup.

Wish me luck!



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