Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection; a time to be grateful for the who’s and what’s and why’s in our life.  In the spirit of this, my favourite holiday (let’s face it:  great food and no stupid presents, what’s not to love?), I’ve decided to share my “what I’m thankful for” list with you.  It’s kind of a practice run for the dinner table…after all I haven’t been there for a few years, so I’m a little out of practice!

(Let me also apologize to anyone who received a preemptive email saying this was posted a couple of days ago, when I tried to schedule this post!)

Danielle’s 2013 edition of the Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For In My Life:

10.    I’m thankful there will never be another Twilight or Harry Potter movie released!

9.      I’m not American!  (that would super-suck cause I like my “free”, “universal” healthcare!) 

8.      I’m 44 years young but I still look 34!  (thanks for the great DNA mom)

7.      I’m thankful that dill pickles are still zero points on Weight Watchers….(I’d be even more thankful if they could see about getting jalapeno Cheetos on that list?)

6.      I’m thankful I did all my stupid shit before the invention of the internet.

5.      I’m thankful for coffee.  Really, really, really thankful for coffee. (so thankful that maybe this should have been number one?! Or at least higher than ‘5’, for goodness’ sake!  Surely, I’m more thankful for coffee than microwaves and Candy Crush, aren’t I??)

4.      I’m thankful for microwave ovens and microwave popcorn!

3.     I’m thankful for my iPhone cause what the hell else would I do with my time if I didn’t have Candy Crush to distract me!?

2.      I’m thankful I haven’t got much leg hair and what I do have is blonde, so I only have to shave my legs twice a year.

and finally…..

1.      I’m thankful my family knows I love and appreciate them every day (because I make it a point to tell them regularly) and there’s none of this supercilious crap at our dinner table delaying the consumption of the divine meal I slaved over a hot oven all weekend to prepare so it could be eaten HOT, dammit!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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