Taking a page from Howard Stern

My husband always said I should get my own rant channel on something uncensored like satellite radio.

In the safety of our bedroom at night, I have a tendency to go off the rails with my opinions.  Apparently, in the heat of the moment, I can be quite hilarious, even if I’m not trying to be.

Nothing is taboo when I talk to my man.  Nothing. Abortion? Human rights? Religion? Holocaust? China? Our school’s Principle? Politics? the entire Bush administration? ( 😉 ) Same Sex Marriage? nothing is off limits.  And as a casual observer of the world and its workings, I have a lot of opinions.

When I first started writing this blog, I thought that’s what this would be.  A place to spew forth my critical, [sometimes] disgusting, overly-logical, perfectionist, utopian-seeking view of the world.  And yes, I have done a couple of rants, but they were trivial…soft…. and I know it.

When he suggested I should have my own rant channel, I originally compared the content I would put out to that of Howard Stern, without all the name calling.  I’m not sure if I love him or hate him!  And I think that’s the point, isn’t it?

I am a big fan of anything that questions the status quo.

I love Family Guy precisely because it pushes beyond the limit of decent and forces us to examine ourselves and our world more deeply.  The absurdness of the scenarios…and the not-so-tongue-in-cheek asides pointed toward the viewing audience…the inappropriate/indecent characterizations – I love it all.

My favourite episode of Family Guy is the one where Peter gets a spot on the local news “What Grinds My Gears”.  Fucking hilarious!  The rants themselves are priceless.  Here are the most ridiculous of them:

In this, I adored the pettiness because it’s so me.

But somehow being in a public forum has tempered my usually hot-blooded approach to opinionated commentary.  Perhaps, like Stern while judging on America’s Got Talent, I have gone soft!


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