My big secret

Damn I miss TV!

Whew.  That was hard to admit.

When I got on my holier-than-thou-virgo-soapbox-I’m-always-right-high-horse a few months ago and cancelled our cable and internet (a dispute over outrageous cell phone service charges on our bill…hundreds, not pennies) I thought:  “this’ll be a piece of cake!”

Rather than provide the gory details of the dispute to our children, we told them we were going “old school” on them……….

If you’ve not heard, my mom removed the picture tube of our 70’s TV and said “oops, must have broken in the move” when she believed our newly blended family were spending too much time falling in love with Mr. Spock watching TV.  Brilliant!

Honestly, I think it was a great move on her part (we learned to be imaginative, played outside constantly, read books) and that’s why I had no compunction about cancelling the service in a blink.  I survived it as a kid, it should be no problem now with all our other electronic devices.

Yeah.  That was….. 4 months ago?  Not so much anymore!

But I’m stubborn.  Oh Nellie, I’m STUBBORN!  I cancelled on principle, dammit!

Oh, but I miss my hockey.  Desperately.

And I miss my Criminal MInds.  Heaps.

I miss my new episodes of Family Guy!!!!  I need a 2013 giggidy-giggidy-goo!  DVD Quagmire just doesn’t compare.  I need a seriously good laugh right about now!

So, I’m at a crossroads.  On principle, my stubborn voice keeps saying: “no way, dammit!”.  But my rational voice is whining: “but I miss TV too!”.  Okay, so rational voice is not terribly rational anymore.

When I caved and got internet from a different provider in July, I justified it by saying:

  1. “Oh! well, I can’t live without internet.  How would I write or keep in touch with people?”  (….uhhhh…..maybe go out?…
  2. we “upgraded” to satellite internet.  (don’t kid yourself, it’s no better.  I still only get 54 Mbps on wireless at the best of times)
  3. we subscribe to Netflix, we’ll still be able to watch stuff

Okay, except that you can’t watch Netflix on the PS3 at 54 Mbps and the bloody modem is so far from our TV (roomS, literally) we’d have to hire a rustler to take care of the ethernet tumbleweed we’d end up with!  Arggh!  And my eyesight is going, so watching it on my iPhone is NOT an option.  Hell, anything more than playing Candy Crush is pushing the limit on there!

Whew.  Feels good to get it out there though.  Admitting I miss it.  Cause my stubborn voice is winning out for now and that means I can’t tell the kids I miss it.

Have you ever told kids you regret a ginormous decision you made that directly affected them that they hated??!!  Ha!  I’d never hear the end of the when-are-we-gonna-get-TV-again-you-said-you-missed-it! whine.  Honestly, I don’t even think I could admit it to my hubby without hearing a bit of the same noise.

Geez, I hope I don’t start whining too!




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