Live on! And be yourself!

Music is part of my life.  A big part of my life, actually.  When mom decided our newly blended family was spending too much time tuning out in front of the TV, she simply removed the picture tube and said “oops, must have broke in the move!”.  Hilariously, even dad didn’t know about that until recently!

So we spent our formative years pretending to be a rock band in our living room with the Tupperware®, tennis rackets and a brush, or playing name that tune with our 45’s (dating myself!).  We sat around the radio on Sunday nights listening to ChumFM’s “Theatre of the Mind” – a collection of radio plays and shows that entertained us as well as any television show could have.  The stereo was always on and when you wanted to listen to your music super loud, you turned the giant speakers toward each other and laid your head down between them:  way better than headphones! (I suppose this could be why I’m so deaf)

As the music-man, my hubby usually plays DJ on the iPOD, but if he isn’t available or willing, we have the radio on in our house.   Currently, I’m in a pop/Top 40 phase.  Music today is catchy.  No, I don’t always like the message, but hey:  we’re all entitled to speak our mind here in North America and if I don’t like it, I can change the station (and thank you to all the veterans who made THAT a reality!)

I’m not normally a big fan of rap music.  I don’t dislike it, I just don’t take to it like I do lyrical music.  I don’t relate most of the time either, I’m sure that’s part of it.  I also love to sing (and I’m pretty good, I guess) but so far, I haven’t figured out how to ‘sing’ to rap – that detracts from its appeal.

Every once in a while, though, a rap song comes around that turns my world on its end and I love it!  Flo-Rida does this to me regularly, lol.  But there is a song out right now, that I can’t stop loving.  And yes, it’s rap.

I’m hearing so much in the news about “same sex marriage” lately and I’m sick of it:  Let love live!!!  I just don’t understand why there is any barrier to passing this as law everywhere.  They love each other, they’re committed to each other and they are capable of taking (and breaking) vows the same as the hetero’s.  Keep your opinion of their sex life to yourself, cause you know what:  They didn’t ask for your opinion!  And what happened to separation of church and state?!!  This is a human rights issue, not a fucking religious debate!

To show my support for Same Sex Marriage Legislation Everywhere, I’m sharing the lyrics for the song ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  It reminds me of Leonard Cohen in its delivery: poetic, progressive, significant.  Mary Lambert delivers the hook so emotively; it makes me weep.

Same Love – lyrics by Ben Haggerty and Ryan Lewis

When I was in the 3rd grade
I thought that I was gay
Cause I could draw, my uncle was
And I kept my room straight
I told my mom, tears rushing down my face
She’s like, “Ben you’ve loved girls since before pre-K”
Trippin’, yeah, I guess she had a point, didn’t she
A bunch of stereotypes all in my head
I remember doing the math like
“Yeah, I’m good in little league”

A pre-conceived idea of what it all meant
For those who like the same sex had the characteristics
The right-wing conservatives think it’s a decision
And you can be cured with some treatment and religion
Man-made, rewiring of a pre-disposition
Playing God
Ahh nah, here we go
America the brave
Still fears what we don’t know
And God loves all His children
And somehow forgotten
But we paraphrase a book written
3,500 hundred years ago
I don’t know

[Hook: Mary Lambert]
And I can’t change
Even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
And I can’t change
Even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
My love, my love, my love
She keeps me warm [x4]

[Verse 2: Macklemore]
If I was gay
I would think hip-hop hates me
Have you read the YouTube comments lately
“Man that’s gay”
Gets dropped on the daily
We’ve become so numb to what we’re sayin’
Our culture founded from oppression
Yeah, we don’t have acceptance for ’em
Call each other faggots
Behind the keys of a message board
A word rooted in hate
Yet our genre still ignores it
Gay is synonymous with the lesser
It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion
Gender to skin color
Complexion of your pigment
The same fight that lead people to walk-outs and sit-ins
Human rights for everybody
There is no difference
Live on! And be yourself!
When I was in church
They taught me something else
If you preach hate at the service
Those words aren’t anointed
And that Holy Water
That you soak in
Has been poisoned
When everyone else
Is more comfortable
Remaining voiceless
Rather than fighting for humans
That have had their rights stolen
I might not be the same
But that’s not important
No freedom ’til we’re equal
Damn right I support it


I don’t know

[Hook: Mary Lambert]

[Verse 3: Macklemore]
We press play
Don’t press pause
Progress, march on!
With a veil over our eyes
We turn our back on the cause
‘Till the day
That my uncles can be united by law
Kids are walkin’ around the hallway
Plagued by pain in their heart
A world so hateful
Someone would rather die
Than be who they are
And a certificate on paper
Isn’t gonna solve it all
But it’s a damn good place to start
No law’s gonna change us
We have to change us
Whatever god you believe in
We come from the same one
Strip away the fear
Underneath it’s all the same love
About time that we raised up

[Hook: Mary Lambert]

[Outro: Mary Lambert]
Love is patient, love is kind
Love is patient (not cryin’ on Sundays)
Love is kind (not cryin’ on Sundays) [x5

I don’t care about the writer/singer’s socio-economic origins.  I like the song.  I like the message.  I don’t care if it will actually cause a social/cultural shift, at least it’s trying!  At least someone is saying it and millions are hearing it.

If you haven’t heard the song yet (though I’d be surprised), make an effort, it’s worth it.  (iTunes)


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