Dear Pastor Tony

Dear Pastor Tony:

Thank you so much for enduring my idiosyncracies last night.  I am a unique personality, who takes some getting used to.  This was our first meeting and I appreciate how graciously you took my argumentative nature in stride.

If I am being honest, the meeting and discussion did not alter my beliefs about who Jesus was, but I thoroughly enjoyed our time. Even sparring with you about good and evil, and so many other issues of faith in the absence of physical evidece facing Christians today, was a source of great joy for me and I do hope that our table mates were able to take away as much from it as I was.

I admit openly that I took the easy ‘side’ in our discussion.  However, I applaud your ability to demonstrate, not only your conviction in your beliefs, but your ability to identify, support and defend your convictions.  That is a remarkable thing and shows a clarity of thought that I have previously seldom encountered in church leaders.  I hope I maintained the spirit of friendly exploration I intended, and never made you feel as though you had to ‘defend’ your beliefs.  I champion each person’s right to believe as they choose.  No person should have to defend what they believe to another person.

You suggested to me that I had come to the meeting with a “presupposed idea”.  How I really wanted to respond to you was that I did not arrive with one presupposed idea.  In fact, I arrived with several!  I call my collection of presupposed ideas “my religion” (with my tongue stuck firmly in my cheek!).   I know you could tell I am not a Christian, but I wasn’t sure if you wondered “what is she?” because I appeared to be so random in distribution of ideas.  I do not conform to man-made religion, but harbour a collection of ideas from across the globe, including literature, active discussion, culture, and a lifelong quest to explore faith.

I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and look forward to continuing to explore these ideas with you and our group over the course of the next six weeks.  I know you teased that you would need to do some more research to engage with me next week, but I have vowed to redress my promise to close my mouth and open my ears!

Thank you again for your generosity of spirit.  The community is very lucky to have you as a spirit guide!




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