Try to be an original for a change

I am an aBlog-Soupvid cook and baker.  I enjoy it and find it quite relaxing.  I’m not big on measuring, but I am very big on experimenting.  I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to recipes I want to try.  If, after I actually try them, we want to make it again, it gets moved to “Favourite Recipes” along with all my tried-and-true favourites.

I’m most often a do-it-from-scratch-or-don’t-bother, kind of girl, but I can appreciate that when you don’t have time, you reach for a box.

So today, I was sitting at my computer with my fresh cuppa joe, looking through my “recipes to try” board when the Cheesy Potato Soup in a bread bowl caught my eye: YUM!

Potato soup has to be my favourite…hurray!

It’s pretty chilly here today and even I, the polar bear, am wearing a sweater.  Perfect soup weather.  I even have potatoes in the house (which is unusual) …hurray!

Nope.  Not hurray.

This isn’t a recipe it’s a sham!  I am so sick of people combining processed, packaged foods and calling it their own recipe.  Where is your originality.  Hell, where is your PRIDE?!

Seriously?  How can you call it a soup recipe and then direct me to open THREE cans of Campbell’s cream soups, throw in a bag of frozen hash browns, some cream, some salt and pepper and some cheese and call it your own recipe??????

Seriously!  That’s not a recipe, that’s a shopping trip!

Then I noticed the hot links provided for “cream of chicken soup” and “cream of celery soup”.  I thought, oh good, redemption.  She’s just using canned soup for the quick solution, but she actually has a recipe….

Uh…nope. Nope, just a link to her blog tags.  Okay, that in itself was



But my truly favourite part was that the so-called “recipe” called for you to dump everything into your crock pot and let it cook for a few hours… WTF?


Are you kidding?

For canned soup!?!

Shit, talk about fooling yourself.


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