A Bitch, by any other name, would smell as sweet…

Artists Blurred Lines

I am not Christian. Despite that, I believe strongly in similar codes of morality, values and decency.

Sorry, just thought I’d get that out there so there’s no “is she or isn’t she” later.

I am not easily offended despite my PC approach to my public image.  But I am so pissed off about censorship for the sake of caving to special interest right now that I am doing away with politically correct and heading straight for outright opinionated!

I just adore the song “Blurred Lines”, love it. Personally, I don’t hear a misogynist message – though I know lots of women’s libbers have raised hell about the lyrics (yes, I am old and still use a term like “women’s libber”),  This song has got a great beat, and it’s just sassy enough to push the envelope without crossing a line (in my opinion)…..that is until the CRTC got their idiotic hands on it!

There is a line in the song:  “You[‘re] the hottest bitch in this place!”

Right on!

Damn right I’m the hottest bitch here!

I could not only live with that statement:

I could get motivated by that statement.

However, at the beginning of the summer I noted a change to the lyrics on our local station that caused me to say “WTF??”.

Have you heard it?  They’ve substituted the word “ho” for “bitch”.  Yup, that’s right ladies:

the CRTC says it’s now okay for your man to call you a dirty slut!

Aren’t you excited?  I for one am grateful to the CRTC for protecting my little girl from the imagery of being a bitch…. After all, we wouldn’t want our girls to grow up with the idea that it’s okay to be strong-minded and independent, would we?  No, no, no!  A whore is so much better.


I cannot for one second believe that our society is accepting this!  What the hell?  I would simply like an explanation for the substitution word choice….really?  you couldn’t have substituted the word “girl”….Really?  Really?????

I’m going to assume the special interest group at fault here are the bra-burners who have asserted that the lyrics question the necessity of consent (whatever), but really it could be any other pseudo-moral contingent because there really are a lot of them.

Regardless, I don’t think, I know I do not like the message this lyric change sends our girls….or our boys, for that matter!


Tell me whatcha think....

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