Pastels "Dark and Stormy" by Danielle

Oh Yeah! I got a J-O-B!!

(Photo source:  Moi, my art again)

It’s always darkest before the dawn.  Out of work for 18 months, a barrage of “where’s our money” phone calls, scrambling to keep food on the table, threats to cut off the hydro….

Ahhhhh:  thank goodness there’s the distraction of Christmas to take my mind off our financial woes….

Sorry, but there’s no sarcasm font made yet, so I have to be sure….  Yeah, thought you’d get it.

Christmas is a nightmare for the under-employed.

I don’t remember where I first heard that term coined, but I have adopted it (much like the reference to a font for sarcasm!).  For someone like me who has struggled to find a job and eventually started taking kids in for daycare, it’s a perfect fit.  It’s sort of a job, but not really and the money is completely unreliable:


But today, the clouds broke, a weak little sun peaked through and the universe smiled upon me once more:  I got a job today!  Woohoo!

It’s not going to make me a million bucks, but it is going to help pay the bills and maybe I’ll even be able to fill a stocking for the kiddies.

Now I’ve got to go practise my up-selling techniques:

“Would you like a Boston Cream donut with that today?”

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